Sunday, August 26, 2007

Refocus on Sharp Brains

Although I provide an online feed of all Sharp Brain blog posts at this blog (as well as IQ's Corner), which allows readers to monitor this important brain fitness blog every time they check my blogs, I thought I'd remind readers of the importance of this blog via this reminder post.

Sharp Brains recently had a nice post (Feed your brain with fun neuroscience) where they summarize their favorite top-10 quotes from their Neuroscience Interview Series. Check it out....and remember to keep an eye on the topic feed I provide to their site.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Encephalon brain carnival #28 is up

Vacation - why I've been neglecting my blogs

I should have made this post a few weeks ago.

Regular readers will have noted that I have been MIA from blog posting. Why? Well......I've been busy the past month (and esp. the past two weeks) helping my lovely fiance pack and move out of her house of twenty years, finally get my house sold (just yesterday), and deal with CONSTANT decisions/frustrations/stress that comes with building a new house the Diane and I will move into next Tuesday. On top of that my father and his lovely wife moved to this area and I've needed to help him with some computer set-up issues. Finally, there has been the small matter of planning a "small" wedding on August 18.

With all that has been going on I've found zero time for my hobby....posting to my two blogs. I simply should have notified all readers that I was on vacation....but it really is not a vacation.....I'm physically and mentally drained.

Regardless, I hope to return to nurturing my two blogs sometime soon. I may make some easy FYI posts....but don't expect any creative new stuff (unless some of IQs Corners Virtual Community of Guest Scholars provide some material).

When I shall return to regular posting is not yet known. I'm living the "one day at a time" mantra at this point in time.

Rest assured...once settled into my lovely new house and life I will be back as a regular blogmaster.