Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mental time keeping scholar - Dr. Rammsayer

In a prior post I announced the IQ Brain Clock blog "Mental Timing Scholars" link section (see side panel of this blog). Today I added a fourth researcher to this scholar honor role. This post is to highlight Dr. Thomas Rammsayer's research.

Below is a brief listing of his mental timing/temporal processing research interests (lifted from his faculty web page). I have found his Intelligence article on "temporal g" particularly exciting (link to article is provided in "key research articles" section of this blog). In fact, a post re: this article was the first official post to the IQ Brain Clock blog.
  • Temporal information processing in humans:
    • Neurobiological approaches to timing systems in humans
    • Perceptual and cognitive mechanisms in human timing and time perception
    • Time psychophysics

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