Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Conflict of interest disclosure - Interactive Metronome

I guess the folks at Interactive Metronome (IM), who I have served as an independent consultant for re: a couple of research studies, must like what I'm doing at the IQ Brain Clock blog (click here to see my prior IM-related posts at this blog). They asked me (and I agreed) to serve as an Advisor on the IM Scientific Advisory Board. Thus, readers need to be aware of my new potential conflict of interest. I will typically make my potential IM conflict of interest overt when making IM-specific posts at this site (as well as my other blog and web page).


AlvaroF said...

congratulations, Kevin!

Anonymous said...

I just returned from Chicago where you spoke at the IM conference. Incredibly informative, Time Doc, once again! I wonder if you receive, among your doubtless PILES of publications, a newsletter put out by the Dana Foundation called, BRAINWORK -? The Sept-Oct issue offers a headline article titled: Researchers Tap in to the Rhythms of Life. It follows the same line of thought you offered us at the conference (circadian rhythms, brain's internal clock, etc.). Just wondering if you saw it.
Tara Sherer, Houston