Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mental timing and dyslexia

Yet another research study suggestive of a link between mental/temporal timing/processing and dyslexia. This time fMRI evidence that suggests changes in brain function due to a timing-based letter-sound program. Check it out. Click here for other dyslexia related posts at this blog and here for posts at my sister blog---IQ's Corner.

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Liz Ditz said...

Kevin, help a poor lay reader out here: We know that difficulties with rapid automatic naming (RAN) correlate highly with dyslexia. How would these findings relate to the RAN difficulties (if at all)?

Kevin McGrew said...

Liz. Very good question. If there is a relationship with RAN (which I tend to view as "speed of lexical access"----RAN is actually a name of a task and not the underlying ability measured), I would speculate (arm chair speculation) that it would be to temporal g---that is, that these findings might share a common link to a general cognitive timing mechanism in the brain.... But, this is an empirical question. I'd need to do much more reading on the neuropsychology of the RAN literature...which I have not done yet.