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Time & Society Table of Contents for 1 November 2011; Vol. 20, No. 3

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1 November 2011; Vol. 20, No. 3

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Robert Hassan and Hartmut Rosa
Time Society 2011;20 284-285

The past in the present: Understanding David Claerbout's temporal aesthetics
Timothy S. Barker
Time Society 2011;20 286-303

Time is an abstract entity
Mario Radovan
Time Society 2011;20 304-324

Special Section: New Perspectives in the Psychology of Time
Aging and the experience of 'remembered' time: A biopsychosocial exploration
Linda A. Chernus
Time Society 2011;20 325-345

Time perspective, emotional intelligence and discounting of delayed awards
Maciej Stolarski, Joanna Bitner, and Philip G. Zimbardo
Time Society 2011;20 346-363

Time perspective, personality and psychopathology: Zimbardo's time perspective inventory in psychiatry
Wessel van Beek, Han Berghuis, Ad Kerkhof, and Aartjan Beekman
Time Society 2011;20 364-374

Time perspective and autobiographical memory: Individual and gender differences in experiencing time and remembering the past
Richard Ely and Andrea Mercurio
Time Society 2011;20 375-400

Review of Books
When elephants fight, pity the grass ...
Time Society 2011;20 401-410

A Phenomenology of the Apocalypse?
Time Society 2011;20 406-412

 Special Issue Call for Papers: Gendered Time 

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