Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dyslexia and temporal processing - IQ Brain Clock EWOK updated

Finally something more significant and substantive to report. Part of the reason for my sporadic posting has been my efforts to update the Tick Tock Talk: IQ Brain Clock EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge).

I've been very intrigued with the research literature suggesting a link between temporal processing and severe reading disorders (dyslexia). As I dug around, I found a relatively large body of contemporary research that has suggested, and has investigated, a possible causal link between auditory temporal processing mental timing mechanisms and dyslexia. I pulled this literature together and have added it as a new branch on the IQ Brain Clock EWOK. Below are links to the new stuff :

  • Visit the complete clickable map. The new material is under the "Group differences and clinical disorders" main branch" - first click on the Dyslexia notes icon for a brief intro. The click on the "References, abstracts and articles" notes icon for the gold mine of material.
The meat of the new material is in the References, abstract and articles branch. When you open the this branches notes you will find a listing of key research references. For most of the articles I was able to locate a copy of the article abstract, which I also included. And, for the frosting on the cake, for most articles I was able to locate pdf copies of the actual articles. You can view and read these articles by clicking on the "(click here)" hyperlink included directly after the reference citation.


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