Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rhythm and reading research- I've got rhthym....I've got....

Another study suggesting a link between an aspect of mental-time keeping (rhythm perception and production; also click here for related bibliography) and reading achievement. Although a small study (n=53), longitudinal research by David et al. (2007), reported in the Journal of Research in Reading, continues to suggest a link between reading ability and the cognitive abilities governed by an underlying brain clock.


  • Rhythm production in 53 children in grade 1 was investigated as a predictor of reading ability in the same children in grades 1–5. This paper reports the results of correlations and hierarchical regression analyses, controlling for shared variance between phonological awareness and naming speed. Rhythm was correlated significantly with both phonological awareness and naming speed. Rhythm predicted significant variance in reading ability at each grade level. Once phonological awareness was controlled, however, rhythm was a significant predictor only in grade 5. When naming speed was controlled, rhythm predicted unique variance in reading ability in grades 2, 3 and 5. Implications for the relationship between rhythm and the development of reading skills are discussed.
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