Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Research bytes - Wearden mental timing scholar pubs again, and again, and...

John Weardon, one of the listed "mental timing scholars" at the IQ Brain Clock (see right hand column of blog), together with some of his colleagues, has been busy pumping out more theoretical mental timing research. Be forewarned, these are not-so-easy to read research articles. Check out the following recent "in press" pubs. Emphasis and/or any links below provided by blogmaster.

  • "In press" Journal of Experimental Child Psychology article that concludes that "judgments of the similarity of two successive durations separated by a retention interval, the retention of the first duration in short-term memory reduces temporal accuracy."
  • "In press" Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (QJEP) that supports the major characteristics/assumptions of Scalar Expectancy Timing Theory (SET), which is the primary theoretical foundation of the pacemaker-accumulator model of mental timing.
  • Another "in press" article in QJEP that demonstrates that it is possible to experimentally "slow down" the internal brain clock. Why would one want to slow down the clock, when speeding up the mental brain clock is associated with better cognitive functioning? According to the authors, demonstrating that it is possible to slow down the internal clock can help with our understanding how people maintain time via their internal clock. That can help us better understand the phenomena of mental timing.

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