Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brain training for elderly - one hour a day?

NPR has a report of a recent study that suggests that one hour a day of intensive brain exercise can improve thinking and memory. Thus study used the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program. The sample size looks to be quite decent (n=400). Caveat...the study was funded by the developers of Posit Science. That aside, I'd like to review the empirical research report when it is published.

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Anonymous said...

Just read the report and listened to the NPR report. Very cool, my question for you though. Becuase the study was funded by this company do you think they were able to corrupt both the USC Gerentolgy School and the Mayo Clinic into saying what they wanted to say? Sounds like an awfully big conspiracy involving an awful lot of people. Just my 2cents.

Kevin McGrew said...

I can't comment on our "conspiracy" theory. I did mention the funding caveat...which means, that until replicated independently, readers should view with positive skepticism. This is how much of the world of research works these days...esp. in medicine. It does not necessarily mean the research is biased...but it does mean the reader needs to take it with a grain of salt. As I've posted on this blog, I often mention Interactive Metronome's product and research. Being on their Scientific Advisory board should make my readers positive skeptics about what I post. It is the reality of the real world of much funded research. Don't "knee jerk" reject such findings...but look carefully and wait for independent replication. My two cents.