Sunday, February 01, 2009

IQ Brain Clock brain localization overview

I previously blogged about a special issue of Acta Neurobiologiae devoted to the minds brain clock. I provided a TOC and links to the papers. I just now skimmed one of the papers by Rubia & Smith (2004):

The neural correlates of cognitive time management: a review 

My conclusion is that this is an excellent overview of the basic empirical research and theoretical literature regarding mental time-keeping (i.e., the IQ Brain Clock). It also provides a nice summary of the general consensus re: the major areas of the brain believed to be involved in motor and cognitive timing, areas featured in prior posts here. Below is a copy of the first concluding paragraph...where I've added tag links to all prior IQ Brain Clock posts that refer to these brain areas or concepts. I will shortly add Rubia to the mental timing scholars blogroll and this article to the key research articles section of this blog.

  • In conclusion, this review on the neural correlates of cognitive time management shows that predominantly right hemispheric dorsolateral and inferior prefrontal cortices, anterior cingulate, the SMA, the basal ganglia and the lateral cerebellar hemispheres appear to be involved in both functions of motor timing and time estimation. Furthermore, the review shows that the dichotomy between motor and perceptive timing functions may be artificial. Both functions appear to be mediated by identical neural networks and may be inseparable.

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