Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The minds clock - Special journal issue (2004)

I just discovered that the on-line journal Acta Neurobiologiae had a special issue devoted to IQ Brain Clock topics.....temporal processing, mental time-keeping, interval timing, etc. Below is a list of the articles and direct links to the free download articles or abstracts.

So much to read...so little time.

Volume 64 Number 3

PÖPPEL E. Lost in time: a historical frame, elementary processing units and the 3-second window Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

WEARDEN J.H. Decision processes in models of timing Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

ZAKAY D. and BLOCK R.A. Prospective and retrospective duration judgments: an executive-control perspective Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

RUBIA K. and SMITH A. The neural correlates of cognitive time management: a review Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

WITTMANN M. and FINK M. Time and language – critical remarks on diagnosis and training methods of temporal-order judgment Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

SZELAG E., KANABUS M., KOLODZIEJCZYK I., KOWALSKA J. and SZUCHNIK J. Individual differences in temporal information processing in humans Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

POUTHAS V. and PERBAL S. Time perception depends on accurate clock mechanisms as well as unimpaired attention and memory processes Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

BERWANGER D., WITTMANN M., VON STEINBÜCHEL N. and VON SUCHODOLETZ W. Measurement of temporal-order judgment in children Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

KANABUS M., SZELAG E., KOLODZIEJCZYK I. and SZUCHNIK J. Reproduction of auditory and visual standards in monochannel cochlear implant users Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

BAO Y., ZHOU J. and FU L. Aging and the time course of inhibition of return in a static environment Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

MIYAKE Y., ONISHI Y. and PÖPPEL E. Two types of anticipation in synchronization tapping Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

POGGEL D.A. and STRASBURGER H. Visual perception in space and time – mapping the visual field of temporal resolution Article (PDF) / Abstract (PDF)

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