Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alan Burdick on the human brain clock: The mind in overdrive

As I continue to traverse the various disciplines studying various aspects of temporal processing or mental timing, I often get confused and drown in the conceptual, empirical and theoretical depth of the empirical articles from such a diverse array of disciplines. Trying to put together an understandable explanation of the human brain clock is difficult....I often doubt my abilities to distill this information. I often wonder if my brain clock speed is insufficient to understand this complex and rich array of diverse research.

I find hope when I run across professional writers who have attempted to understand and explain these phenomena to the general public. Hope was renewed the other day when I ran across a brief article (The mind in overdrive: Can we increase productivity by revving up the neural pacemakers in the brain?) in Discover magazine by the well-known NY free-lance author, Alan Burdick, where he attempted to tackle the difficult issue of understanding the human brain clock. Kudos to Burdick for working on bringing this knowledge to the awareness of the general public. I hope that Burdick continues to work on translating the complex literature of mental timing for general consumption. I wish I had such skills and could write similar articles, book chapters, or books about this important topic.

His 2006 Discover publication can be found by clicking here. I'm going to add a link to his web page to the IQ Brain Clock blog roll.

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