Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cerebullum control of mental activities: New model

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Thanks to Neurodudes for the post regarding a new/revised theory of how the cerebellum, which we know is intimately involved in timing of motor movements, may be involved in the control of cognition. I love the nice model figure (see above). I'm particularly pleased to see the role of executive functions, working memory, and central attention....neuro-cognitive mechanisms I've blogged about repeatedly as being significantly involved in the IQ Brain Clock, temporal processing (temporal g), and mental time-keeping.

According to Neurodudess, "the great Masao Ito, originator of one of the classic theories of cerebellar function, has published a new theory in the recent issue of Nature Neuroscience regarding how the cerebellum may be involved in control of cognition."

Check out the complete post at Neurodudes. If you feel up to reading the original article, click here.

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