Monday, June 09, 2008

MaestroLive and the Brain Clock

Thanks to the person that left the following comment (in response to a blog post) at the IQ Brain Clock blog.
  • "I have been playing game called and I think it might be helpful for developing internal clock. Game is basically about tapping the rhythm for the songs and you get instant feedback how much you missed the each note. It's also quite fun."
I just took a quick peak. Interesting stuff. It is possible that MaestroLive might be increasing the efficiency of the internal clock via some of the mechanisms I've hypothesized about previously (e.g., increased executive controlled attention; focus; working memory; executive function; rhythm perception; etc.). I'd love to see some empirical research.

Below is a brief description from their web page:
  • "MaestroLive is a music game that lets anyone play songs by tapping the rhythm of the song on a computer keyboard or on an attached MIDI keyboard. MaestroLive gives you a score for your performance. When you finish playing a song you can save your score to the MaestroLive network and compare it with previous scores of that song or with other player’s scores. Each song has its own set of scores."

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