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Neurotech bussiness report - Sept 10, 2008

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September 10, 2008

Welcome to Neurotech Reports News Updates. Here's the latest headlines and summaries from Neurotech Business Report.

2008 Neurotech Leaders Forum Returns to San Francisco October 23-24
The eighth annual management and investment conference features a series of short courses and panel discussions devoted to the neurotechnology industry.
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Neural Interface Enables Capacitive Stimulation
Faradic charge induction may eliminate problems with traditional stimulating electrodes.
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Adaptive Control Methods Transform Neuroprosthetics
Research and commercial teams are moving to adaptive control strategies for new prosthetics and rehabilitation devices.
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Research Progresses on Neural-Silicon Hybrid Chips
An Israeli team found that memories can be imprinted in a network of cultured neurons.
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Commentary: BCIs Go for the Scalp
Editor James Cavuoto comments on the advent of new brain-computer interface systems based on EEG recordings from the scalp.
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Plasticity Findings May Help Treat Cognitive Disability
The discovery of a new cortical protein that modulates plasticity may lead to new therapies for cognitive disorders.
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