Saturday, December 20, 2008

Temporal g = g: Back to the future

The first post I ever made to the IQ Brain Clock block was to feature a post I had made at my sister blog (IQs Corner) regarding my excitement over the possibility of a temporal g factor......and that this factor may reflect the presence of the construct of an internal brain clock...and, more importantly, this temporal g paradigm may get closer to measuring the essence of general intelligence (g) than the long-standing king of g-essence hunters...reaction time.  This research was generated by the Rammsayer research group.

Since then I've made numerous posts regarding temporal g.  IMHO the best research regarding the temporal g = g hypothesis has been published by the Rammsayer group.  Click here and here to view the two key research articles I've featured.   Today I discovered one of their earlier studies....a study that led to the two key research articles noted above.  The article, written by Helmbold, Troche and Rammsayer (Temporal Information Processing and Pitch Discrimination as Predictors of General Intelligence) was published in 2006 in the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology

Below is the abstract (emphasis added by the IQ Brain Clock Time Doc)
  • Abstract: In the present study, the relationship between performance on temporal and pitch discrimination and psychometric intelligence was investigated in a sample of 164 participants by means of an experimental dissociation paradigm. Performance on both temporal and pitch discrimination was substantially related to psychometric intelligence (r = .43 and r =.39). Regression analysis and structural equation modeling suggested that both psychophysical domains can be considered as valid predictors of psychometric intelligence. Both predictor variables contributed substantial portions of both shared and unique variance to the prediction of individual differences in psychometric intelligence. Thus, the present study yielded further evidence for a functional relationship between psychometric intelligence and temporal as well as pitch discrimination acuity. Eventually, findings are consistent with the notion that temporal discrimination – in addition to general aspects of sensory discrimination shared with pitch discrimination – reflects specific intelligence-related aspects of neural information processing.
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