Monday, April 27, 2009

The rhythmic brain: Special isue of Cortex

Hot damn.  I just learned that the journal Cortex has a special issue devoted to the processing of rhythm by the brain (click here for prior rhythm perception posts at the IQ Brain Clock), clearly a topic related to the fundamental mechanisms of the minds brain clock (see IQ Brain Clock EWOK - see large "Rhythm Perception and Production branch") .  The special issue grew out of a June 2006, an interdisciplinary conference on the topic of Rhythm, Time and Temporal Organisation was held at the University of Edinburgh as the inaugural conference of the Institute for Music in Human and Social Development (IMHSD).

I just wish I could find the "time" to read the entire issue, as well as the explosion of IQ Brain Clock related articles emerging from other fields.  A pleasant much to little time.

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