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iPost: Experimental Brain Research, Vol. 202, Issue 3 - New Issue Alert

Wednesday, April 14

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In this issue:
Research Article
Minimal forced use without constraint stimulates spontaneous use of the impaired upper extremity following motor cortex injury
Author(s)Warren G. Darling, Marc A. Pizzimenti, Diane L. Rotella, Stephanie M. Hynes, Jizhi Ge, Kimberly S. Stilwell-Morecraft, Tyler Vanadurongvan, David W. McNeal, Kathryn M. Solon-Cline & Robert J. Morecraft
Online sinceJanuary 28, 2010
Page529 - 542

Research Article
Visuomotor adaptation and intermanual transfer under different viewing conditions
Author(s)Amaris K. Balitsky Thompson & Denise Y. P. Henriques
Online sinceJanuary 22, 2010
Page543 - 552

Research Article
l-Dopa induces under-damped visually guided motor responses in Parkinson's disease
Author(s)Wing-Lok Au, Ni Lei, Meeko M. K. Oishi & Martin J. McKeown
Online sinceFebruary 09, 2010
Page553 - 559

Research Article
Correlation of visual-evoked hemodynamic responses and potentials in human brain
Author(s)Tiina Näsi, Kalle Kotilahti, Tommi Noponen, Ilkka Nissilä, Lauri Lipiäinen & Pekka Meriläinen
Online sinceJanuary 20, 2010
Page561 - 570

Research Article
Effects of response-set size on error-related brain activity
Author(s)Martin E. Maier, Marco Steinhauser & Ronald Hübner
Online sinceJanuary 22, 2010
Page571 - 581

Research Article
Microinjection of methysergide into the raphe nucleus attenuated phrenic long-term facilitation in rats
Author(s)Maja Valic, Renata Pecotic, Ivana Pavlinac, Zoran Valic, Kristina Peros & Zoran Dogas
Online sinceJanuary 20, 2010
Page583 - 589

Research Article
Stroke-related differences in axial body segment coordination during preplanned and reactive changes in walking direction
Author(s)Kristen L. Hollands, Paulette van Vliet, Doerte Zietz, Alan Wing, Christine Wright & Mark A. Hollands
Online sinceJanuary 28, 2010
Page591 - 604

Research Article
Effect of selective and distributed training on visual identification of orientation
Author(s)Chantal Tschopp-Junker, Edouard Gentaz & Paolo Viviani
Online sinceFebruary 19, 2010
Page605 - 611

Research Article
Postural control and adaptation are influenced by preceding postural challenges
Author(s)Fredrik Tjernström, Per-Anders Fransson, Mitesh Patel & Måns Magnusson
Online sinceJanuary 26, 2010
Page613 - 621

Research Article
Can intention override the "automatic pilot"?
Author(s)Christopher L. Striemer, Julia Yukovsky & Melvyn A. Goodale
Online sinceFebruary 05, 2010
Page623 - 632

Research Article
Sex-related differences in the hemispheric laterality of slow cortical potentials during the preparation of visually guided movements
Author(s)Diana Judith Gorbet, Laura B. Mader & W. Richard Staines
Online sinceFebruary 05, 2010
Page633 - 646

Erratum to: Sex-related differences in the hemispheric laterality of slow cortical potentials during the preparation of visually guided movements
Author(s)Diana Judith Gorbet, Laura B. Mader & W. Richard Staines
Online sinceMarch 13, 2010

Research Article
Locomotor function after long-duration space flight: effects and motor learning during recovery
Author(s)Ajitkumar P. Mulavara, Alan H. Feiveson, James Fiedler, Helen Cohen, Brian T. Peters, Chris Miller, Rachel Brady & Jacob J. Bloomberg
Online sinceFebruary 05, 2010
Page649 - 659

Research Article
Timing of anticipatory muscle tensing control: responses before and after expected impact
Author(s)Peter M. Vishton, Kristin M. Reardon & Jennifer A. Stevens
Online sinceFebruary 05, 2010
Page661 - 667

Research Article
Differential human brain activation by vertical and horizontal global visual textures
Author(s)Jane E. Aspell, John Wattam-Bell, Janette Atkinson & Oliver J. Braddick
Online sinceFebruary 04, 2010
Page669 - 679

Research Article
The intermuscular 3–7 Hz drive is not affected by distal proprioceptive input in myoclonus-dystonia
Author(s)J. N. van der Meer, A. C. Schouten, L. J. Bour, E. de Vlugt, A. F. van Rootselaar, F. C. T. van der Helm & M. A. J. Tijssen
Online sinceFebruary 16, 2010
Page681 - 691

Research Article
Inter-limb interference during bimanual adaptation to dynamic environments
Author(s)Maura Casadio, Vittorio Sanguineti, Valentina Squeri, Lorenzo Masia & Pietro Morasso
Online sinceFebruary 20, 2010
Page693 - 707

Research Article
Coordination of grasping and walking in Parkinson's disease
Author(s)Frederic Albert, Gudrun Diemayr, Tara L. McIsaac & Andrew M. Gordon
Online sinceFebruary 09, 2010
Page709 - 721

Erratum to: Coordination of grasping and walking in Parkinson's disease
Author(s)Frederic Albert, Gudrun Diermayr, Tara L. McIsaac & Andrew M. Gordon
Online sinceMarch 26, 2010

Research Note
Neuroanatomical identification of crossmodal auditory inputs to interneurons in somatosensory cortex
Author(s)Leslie P. Keniston, Scott C. Henderson & M. Alex Meredith
Online sinceJanuary 20, 2010
Page725 - 731
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