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iPost: Rhythmic auditory cueing helps gait in Parkinsons

JournalNeurological Sciences
PublisherSpringer Milan
ISSN1590-1874 (Print) 1590-3478 (Online)
IssueVolume 31, Number 4 / August, 2010
CategoryOriginal Article
Subject CollectionMedicine
SpringerLink DateThursday, February 25, 2010

Alessandro Picelli1, 2, Maruo Camin1, 2, Michele Tinazzi2, 3, Antonella Vangelista2, 4, Alessandro Cosentino4, Antonio Fiaschi2, 5 and Nicola Smania1, 2, 6 Contact Information

(1) Neuromotor and Cognitive Rehabilitation Research Centre, University of Verona, Via L.A. Scuro, 10, 37134 Verona, Italy
(2) Department of Neurological and Visual Sciences, University of Verona, Verona, Italy
(3) Neurology Unit, "Maggiore" Hospital, Verona, Italy
(4) Rehabilitation Unit "C. Santi", Polyfunctional Centre Don Calabria, Verona, Italy
(5) IRCCS, S. Camillo, Venice, Italy
(6) Rehabilitation Unit, "G.B. Rossi" University Hospital, Verona, Italy

Received: 10 August 2009  Accepted:20 January 2010  Published online: 25 February 2010

Auditory cueing enhances gait in parkinsonian patients. Our aim was to evaluate its effects on spatiotemporal (stride length, stride time, cadence, gait speed, single and double support duration) kinematic (range of amplitude of the hip, knee and ankle joint angles registered in the sagittal plane) and kinetic (maximal values of the hip and ankle joint power) gait parameters using three-dimensional motion analysis. Eight parkinsonian patients performed 12 walking tests: 3 repetitions of 4 conditions (normal walking, 90, 100, and 110% of the mean cadence at preferred pace cued walking). Subjects were asked to uniform their cadence to the cueing rhythm. In the presence of auditory cues stride length, cadence, gait speed and ratio single/double support duration increased. Range of motion of the ankle joint decreased and the maximal values within the pull-off phase of the hip joint power increased. Thus, auditory cues could improve gait modifying motor strategy in parkinsonian patients.

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