Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reading with the Time Doc: New feature - first focus on gait intervention with Parkinson's article

I have become a huge fan of my new iPad. With the aid of the GoodReader app, I can read journal articles in PDF form. In the past, I have typically cut-and-pasted text from PDF files into a file, added my comments, then pasted into a blog editor to post as a new post.

Today I am trying something new as I read the article "At-home training with closed-loop augmented-reality cueing device for improving gait in patients with Parkinson disease" (Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development' Volume 47, Number 6, 2010 Pages 573–582) by Epsay et al..

Rather than doing the above multiple-step process, this time I annotated my thoughts (only once near the end) as I read the article directly in the PDF file. I have highlighted text that I found interesting and important. More exciting, IMHO, is that I can insert comment icons when I want to "add value" via my thoughts and commentary. Most PDF readers should allow readers to click or hover over these icons and see what I have written. I then upload the annotated PDF file to my server directly from an FTP file transfer program embedded within the GoodReader program. It is amazing.

I then exit GoodReader and open up my Blog Press iPad app, which I am writing within at this moment. I write all the above text, can insert some formatting, and can now provide a URL link to the article I annotated (click here).

Bingo...instant blog commentary from IQ's Corner embedded in the reading, rather than in a lengthy message post. Much more efficient for me.

I'm very interested in what readers think of this new feature. I like it as it makes it much easier for me to read something and instantly share my thoughts, critique, etc. I need to know if readers can see my comments in the comment icons.

I can also go to a free web page that generates technorati tags and enter keywords and it generates the HTML code which I then copy and paste below. Bingo.

I love technology. I am now hooked on my iPad.

- iPost using BlogPress from my Kevin McGrew's iPad

- iPost using BlogPress from my Kevin McGrew's iPad

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