Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Research bytes: Interactive Metronome (brain-clock based) efficacy study with stroke patients

If you check out my conflict of interest statement at this blog, it should be no secret that the reason I started this blog is because I became involved in an academic intervention that utilized the Interactive Metronome neurotechnology. The results were very positive and I set out on a mission to determine why it worked across such diverse domains as academics, stroke rehab, ADHD, golf, etc. ("What's happening under the hood" - see PPT slideshow section of blog).

Today I found a report in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy that demonstrated the effectiveness of the IM (brain-clock based IMHO) method in two stroke victims. Yes, this is a clinical n=2 study...but is consistent with other mental timing intervention studies. Of particular interest is the authors discussion of the efficacy of the intervention without the need for large-scale technology and apparatus. Sometimes simple/elegant is better.

Below is the abstract. Click here to read the complete article. Click here to see all prior blog posts that make some mention of the IM method, or non-IM research that is related.

As noted above, I do have a conflict of interest as I am on the IM Scientific Advisory Board. You should be able to enlarge the image by clicking on it. If not, go to the article link.

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are there any research being done in the area of treatment for schizophrenia?