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FYiPOST: International Academy of Applied Neuropsychology (courses and symposiums) - Newsletter FEB 2011

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The „International Academy of Applied Neuropsychology" offers scientific courses and symposia in the field of neurological rehabilitation. Up-coming events are…


1. Workshop: Scientific Update on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and Postconcussion Syndrome (PCS): New Evidence for Diagnosis and Management

     (Dr. Michael McCrea, London, UK, April 7, 2011)

     Further details can be found at: Flyer McCrea

2. The Second European Symposium on Symptom Validity Assessment

     (Prof. Jerry Sweet et al., London, UK, May 20-21, 2011)

     See more information about the whole program: Flyer SVA-Symposium

3. Summer Academy 2011

    (Prof. George Prigatano & PD Dr. Reiner Kaschel, Veitshöchheim, Germany, July 24-26, 2011)

o                Anosognosia or not? A patient´s perspective

o                Anosognosia and related disorders: A scientific update with clinical implications      

o                Understanding and treating disturbances in higher integrative brain functions

The Summer Academy 2011 will take place in the touristical well know Franconian village of Veitshöchheim which is just outside Würzburg, Germany. Enjoy the bishop´s rococo garden, ancient Franconian houses and the surrounding vineyards above the river Main. We can offer a pleasant stay at the comfortable Best Western Hotel "Weisses Lamm" (two days overnight included!). Hans Fuchs - hotelier and long time business partner - will present culinary and touristical surprises following our motto of the last Summer Academy: "Learning and Leisure". We are happy seeing you in Veitshöchheim in the lovely midsummer atmosphere!


See all details: Flyer Summer Academy 2011


For registration information, click at: IAAN-website


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