Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Important new IQ Brain Clock theory. Cassenti's motor-temporal link model of temporal cognition

I just read a very important new article that presents an alternative model for understanding temporal cognitive and motor processing. As written about in many posts at this blog, the two dominant theories to explain temporal processing (aka, IQ Brain Clock) are the neural oscillator and internal pacemaker models. Cassenti (2011) presents an interesting new model called the motor-temporal link model that places major emphasis on the intrinsic timing mechanisms present in over-learned stored motor sequences.

For those interested in the Interactive Metronome (see my conflict of interest disclosure statement), Cassenti uses the positive results of IM studies to provide support for his model

The abstract is below (double click to enlarge). Also, I have made additional comments in the body of a PDF copy of the article via the IQ's Reading feature of my different blogs. Click here to read the original article with my comments.

I have also added Dr. Cassenti to the Mental Scholars Blogroll and have also included this article in the Key Research Articles Blogroll section of this blog.

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