Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Journal Alert: Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology/Revue canadienne de psychologie expérimentale - Volume 67, Issue 1

Looks like some good stuff on mind wandering of the default brain network

A new issue is available for the following Canadian Psychological Association journal:

Construction, integration, and mind wandering in reading.
Page 1-10
Dixon, Peter; Bortolussi, Marisa

The costs and benefits of mind-wandering: A review.
Page 11-18
Mooneyham, Benjamin W.; Schooler, Jonathan W.

Working memory capacity does not always support future-oriented mind-wandering.
Page 41-50
McVay, Jennifer C.; Unsworth, Nash; McMillan, Brittany D.; Kane, Michael J.

Mind wandering in sentence reading: Decoupling the link between mind and eye.
Page 51-59
Foulsham, Tom; Farley, James; Kingstone, Alan

Corrections to Raaijmakers (2003).
Page 59
Raaijmakers, Jeroen G. W.

Failures to replicate hyper-retrieval-induced forgetting in arithmetic memory.
Page 72-77
Maslany, Anna J.; Campbell, Jamie I. D.

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