Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mental interval timing interventions - feature on IM

To date, the only intervention I'm aware of, that appears to deal with fine-tunning the brain's master mental/interval timing clock, is Interactive Metronome, a synchronized metronome tapping intervention. [Click here to see potential conflicts of interest - primarily being paid to be an external project evaluation consultant on a study].

For those unfamiliar with the IM method, a brief introductory video can be found at the IM site (click here).

At this time, I'm making a request of readers of this blog. If you know of other brain-based brain-fitness programs that focus on fine-tuning the minds master internal clock, or, indirectly appear to have an impact on the minds internal clock, please drop me a note. I want to find as many interventions relevant to this area of study as possible. Either post a "comment" at this blog or email me at: iap@earthlink.net


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have been playing game called MaestroLive.com and I think it might be helpful for developing internal clock. Game is basically about tapping the rhythm for the songs and you get instant feedback how much you missed the each note. It's also quite fun.