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Neurotech Reports News Updates


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October 5, 2008

Welcome to Neurotech Reports News Updates. Here's the latest headlines and summaries from Neurotech Business Report.

Neurotech Startup Firms to Present at 2008 Neurotech Leaders Forum
Several new and emerging neurotechnology firms will make presentations at the 2008 event.
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New Polymers Promise to Enhance Neural Interfaces
Two commercial firms are offering new polymer materials for neurostimulation devices.
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New Textbooks Focus on Neuroengineering and Neuromodulation Topics
The books are aimed at the growing number of research and academic labs.
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Neurotech Vendors Advance Therapies for Migraine
Two new treatments were described at the American Headache Society meeting.
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Commentary: Electrodes Go Live
Editor James Cavuoto comments on implications of new electrode technology based on conducting biopolymers.
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Patterned TMS Manipulates Brain Excitability
The temporal pattern of rTMS can have a profound effect on cortical excitability.
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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Pursues Fundamental Neuroscience Research
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