Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Blogging status: BlogPress on the fritz and IAP's blogs going pro

Regular readers may have noticed a significant decrease in blog posts the past few weeks.  Why? 

I had moved all my blogging to my iPad as I have found it a much more efficient method for posting.  However, a few weeks ago Apple released its new IOS5.0 operating system.  After updating my iPad, my BlogPress app would crash.  I visited the developers web page and they had a note indicating they were aware of the crash and had submitted a fix to Apple for review.  I have been checking daily for the app upate, but it is not showing up.  So, please be patient.  I may go "old school" and do some blogging from my PC.

Also, I am just starting work with a professional web development company to integrate my IAP web page and professional blogs into a single professional looking (andmore efficient) web portal..  I will be spending significant time working with the developer on this new internet portal and migration of materials to the new server.  I have no idea how long this will take.

In the end the work will be worth it......so be patient.  I will do what I can to get back "up" and blogging with more regularity.  As soon as BlogPress gets the new app, you should see an uptick in posts. 

Thanks for your patience

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Unknown said...

I think 7 weeks is plenty of time to update the buggy app. The official Blogger app doesn't even fill the gap as it's not nearly as feature-driven as BlogPress.