Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Interactive Metronome: Drug-free ADHD Treatment?

As discussed in many posts at this blog, I have hypothesized the synchronized metronome training via new neurotechnologies may improve controlled executive attention and working memory.  Here is an n=1 case study. Please see my conflict of interest disclosure statement on the blog sidebar.

www.imhome.org | IM-Home is used to help children who suffer from ADHD. After using IM-Home, children tend to see grades improve, longer attention span, and increased socialization with their peers. In addition, IM-Home can improve motor coordination, concentration, and timing, which is essential for sports performance.
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Zac Davis said...

Some youngsters with ADHD take medicines to help cope with their symptoms, and some parents make use of behavioral therapy to relieve the dysfunction. As ADHD treatment, sports becomes an outlet for their energy and can assist to increase their self-esteem.