Monday, December 06, 2010

iPost: Free download of articles@psypress, 12/6/10 4:29 AM

Psychology Press (@psypress)
12/6/10 4:29 AM
Our 2 most downloaded articles from 'Cognitive Neuroscience' are free to view - both on #consciousness

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T. Joseph McCabe said...

Regarding education psychology. Have you ever given thought to the impact of Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) on memory and learning. SWS is when temporary memory traces stored in the hippocampus are transferred to the neocortex for permanent storage. SWS is also when infants die of SIDS. For 20 years now the medical community has been advocating ways to reduce SWS in infants (back sleep, pacifiers, etc.). Do you think this could have an impact on learning, memory consolidation, and behavior of children?