Tuesday, December 21, 2010

iPost: Top 10 Resources to Better Understand the Teenage Brain— Brain Health Series Part 2


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The brain timing issue is a current concern. We test for brain timing in the macro (reaction time) in a manner that does not take into account that the brain is an organ that has limited voluntary function and massive involuntary function. Further, the method of finishing a task and then tapping out to demonstrate reaction time does not allow our brain to function at its best. It would be preferable to entrain the brain through a series of prompts that require a response and provide sequentially less time for the response to occur. The recognition of failure (too slow to record a response), adaptation to circumstance, and the brain's involuntary changes toward successful response take into account the brain's status as an organ that responds to demand. This is similar to the arm that develops through resistance training - not through our willing it to grow. It is also like the heart that develops as a result of cardio workout - not as a result of our willing it to be strong and healthy.

It is likely that the brains of many do not even recognize the response timing as an action that demands attention. Therefore, we attempt the response with only the voluntary portion of the brain.