Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Neuroimaging of interval timing: Special issue of Cognitve Brain Research

I just ran across a special issue of Cognitive Brain Research devoted to "neuroimaging of interval timing.". The editorial introduction reference is listed below, along with a link to the editorial. A copy of the table of contents can also be found by clicking here.

If any readers of The IQ Brain Clock blog would like to examine any of the particular articles, I would willing to provide a copy, in exchange for a guest blog post (i.e., I'll send the article in exchange for a brief blog post about the contents of the article. Contact me via email if this is of interest -- iap@earthlink.net)
  • Meck, W. & Malapan, C. (2004). Editorial Neuroimaging of interval timing. Cognitive Brain Research, 21,133– 137. (click here to view)
  • Exactly how the brain is able to measure the durations of events lasting from seconds to minutes while maintaining time-scale invariance remains largely a mystery. Neuroimaging studies are only now beginning to unravel the nature of interval timing and reveal whether different timing mechanisms are required for the perception and production of sub- and supra-second intervals that can be defined by different stimulus modalities. We here review the impact that neuroimaging studies have had on the field of timing and time perception and outline the major challenges that remain to be addressed before a physiologically realistic theory of interval timing can be established involving cortico-striatalcircuits.

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