Monday, October 16, 2006

Synchronized metronome tapping (SMT): WD-40 for the brain clock?

Can a person's internal master mental clock be improved? Can the temporal resolution, as reflected by a higher "clock rate," be improved vis-a-vis some form of intervention? possibility...namely...synchronized metronome tapping (SMT). I won't repeat my prior original post re: the possible efficacy of SMT here (as operationalized by Interactive Metronome-IM), which also includes a necessary potential conflict of interest (click here to visit this post @ IQs Corner).

The purpose of this post is to make readers of this neophyte blog aware of where my interest in internal mental or interval time keeping an external consultant to an SMT intervention study. More importantly, I want readers to know that this blog (Tick Tock Talk: The IQ Brain Clock) is NOT a blog for IM. My consultant statistical work for the IM studies simply started me down my current interest path in this area of cognitive functioning. Also, the current post should alert readers to the fact that the scope of the IQ Brain Clock blog will be to deal not only with mental/interval time-keeping theory and research, but also interventions that may improve cognitive performance via this brain-based mechanism.

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